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Psychohudba is a research project which aims to define and interpret reactivity to some types of emotional stimuli in individuals diagnosed with a schizophrenic disorder. The prime focus of this project is on schizophrenic variations in the treatment of musical emotions. This website outlines the rationale and background of the project, popularizes the topic, and offers participation in studies and experiments.

The first stage of this project served to conduct an extensive literature review, prepare hypotheses and gather preliminary data. The project has then moved on to its experimental stage in which a series of experiments were conducted with clinical and nonclinical populations. The data are currently being analysed.

The output of this project may have theoretical as well as practical applications. Results are expected to support a generalizable theory of schizophrenic emotion and inform the management of some symptoms of schizophrenia spectrum diseases in everyday life and therapy.

This research project is run by Barbora Kerkova at the Department of Psychiatry, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and General University Hospital in Prague.